Monday, February 18, 2008

Top Ten Excuses To Not Eat Healthy:

A few years ago I made this top ten list for an enrichment class. It is a little funny, but the funny part is that it is a little true.So, whats your excuse? This is the year to make no more excuses, if it was your New Years resolution, it is almost March, how are you doing?


1. Whole Wheat doesn't go well with my Diet Coke.
2. I don't need to worry about it, my CoCo Puffs are fortified!(someone really told me this!)
3. My kids don't like healthy foods and their happiness is far more important to me than their health.
4. If I eat my whole grains, I'll be using up my year supply and I need to save that for when there isn't
anything else to eat!
5. It's too much pressure, besides, I'm counting on the resurrection to give me that perfect body.
6. With the new lipo dissolve technics out there, I can eat what I want and get it sucked out later.
7. I don't have time, if I had to cook a healthy dinner, I would be late for Bunko!
8. Yes, I'm very health conscience, I take a one-a-day vitamin every day and I eat lots of chocolate because it's an antioxidant.
9. I'm trying to loose weight so I'm cutting back n my calories. I drink a 44 ouncer of Diet Coke to keep my hunger down, that way I can save up my calories for something that really tastes good like a Big Mac.
10. Cancer doesn't run in my family so I'll take my chances. Besides, they're working on a cure!


Melissa said...

I need your help. I am not as bad as your top ten list, but me and my family could use your help. I look forward to all your great ideas. Keep it up! And I would love to see a picture of your family. I haven't seen your kids in years

Angela Ferrin said...

I love your list. I can agree with some of kids are not liking eating healthy, but I am sneaking it in more and more daily :)

Megan said...

Can you imagine what we would turn out like if we ate pb&j, mac-n-cheese, hot dogs and jello every day. Yuck! They are convenience foods. It is harder to be more diligent but our kids need us to protect them and care for their little growing bodies as we would care for ours. All things in moderation. That's a good start!

Jill Coon said...

I found this fabulous blog off of Melissa Farnsworth. You have so many great ideas and write up. Keep it up. It is the truth that we are Americans are feeding our families junk! I am trying to make healthy meals everyday. Thank you for your tips. Jill Dayley Coon