Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beyond Thanksgiving

Like I have mentioned before, there are so many foods out there packed with nutrition that just aren't even talked about or used. Today's little lesson in food is the seldom-used sweet potato. I am not quite sure why, but this little nutritional powerhouse is usually only featured during Thanksgiving. I , myself, am new to the sweet potato world as I was ruined as a child, only believing that these were used in that hideous casserole with brown sugar and little marshmallows baked on top, usually having the consistency of baby food. Well, my dear friends, this isn't just for Thanksgiving anymore! Check out these stats: In one half cup of sweet potatoes, roughly 4 oz, you are supplied with 2 g protein, 3.4 g fiber, 24.6 mg of C, 28 mg Calcium, 22.6 mcg folic acid, 20 mg magnesium, 348 mg potassium and tons of Vitamin A! Why are we not using these! For me, knowing how to use them was the key! They are simply delicious and I cannot get enough of them. You can cook them just like a potato and even eat them raw. There are usually two types out there in the stores, the oranger one and the yellow one. Contrary to U.S. beliefs, one is not a yam, they are both sweet potatoes. The U.S. doesn't have yams. I like the orange one for eating raw and the yellow ones to cook with. You can shred them in salads for a little color and sweet crunch. I made some roasted sweet potatoes last night in a delicious little seasoning. Try these out. Your kids will never know they are anything but regular potatoes. This marinade is delicious on plain potatoes also and you can use these potatoes in breakfast burritos and even enchiladas with black beans! It is so easy to make:
Roasted Southwest Sweet Potatoes
2 Large Yellow Sweet Potatoes
2 T. Ketchup
2 tsp. Salt
2 tsp. Chili Powder
2 tsp. Cumin
Mix sauce together, peel and cut Sweet potatoes in 1/2 inch cubes. Toss sweet potato in sauce. Spread some oil on bottom of cookie sheet, just enough to cover and spread out potatoes. Bake at 4oo for about 20 min or until tender, turning once at half time. Then, put oven on broil at 500 and cook potatoes until a bit crispy. This won't take too long. Enjoy! Don't let them get mushy! These have so much flavor and are a huge crowd pleaser.


tiffany knox said...

thanks shari! I feel like I should start paying ou for all this information and recipes!

Megan said...

Great info!!! I can't stand them! Thanksgiving also ruined me. BARF! Since you say they are healthy, I will suck it up and try to eat them in a different way. Dave and Luke love these, so this will be fun for them! Now, if you post something next week on how great tasting liver and giblets are I will have to draw the line! I will report...