Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hello! I'm Molly who Shari once introduced many months back as the one who would be posting organizational tidbits for you! I have to apologize for the delay, but now I'm ready to roll and have lots of new ideas for you! I have to say, that none of these things are rocket science, and most of them I feel pretty silly even posting, but I figure that we all learn so much from each other, so here we go! First, I'll have to give you a little backround about me, I LOVE to organize things. It doesn't necessarily mean that I "am" organized, I just love to organize things and make sure that things have there place. I have a hard time functioning in a place that is un-organized and really just a mess. I remember growing up my mom had this never ending stack of junk on the counter that just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Mail, bills, cards, wedding announcements, you name it, it all landed in this pile. She would constantly complain about this pile and how badly she wanted to get rid of it. But, to this day- it's still there! And now every time I visit home I tease her about the pile and that she has to get rid of it!

So, fellow bloggers- whatever your "pile" may be- I want to help you get rid of it! Let's get organized together. Today, I chose to write about baskets. You're probably laughing, but I have baskets all over my house! First, I use them to organize my cards- greeting cards that is. I have a small stationary obsession so for a while I had cards all over my house. I finally got a long basket ( I buy most of my baskets at Cost Plus World Market), and made note cards and labeled them with my *p-touch. Birthday cards, wedding, everyday, Easter, etc. I have them all 3 baskets up in my closet so I just have to pull them down whenever I want a card. They're all right there and I just have my pick out what I want. Baskets also work great is closets to hide "stuff". At the end of my hallway is a closet and in the baskets I have rags, travel toiletries, candles, etc. Each one has something different, but when you open it up it looks so much nicer that all of my stuff just thrown in there. You can see I also have my kids board books in baskets, and baskets on my living room bookshelf to hide more "stuff". You can get these type of baskets at target, Michael's, Joann's, cost plus, wal-mart, etc.

Go through your house and identify spots where you can use baskets to help organize things. Closets, cards, foods, snacks, craft supplies, ribbon, you name it- it can all be neatly organized with a basket!
* If you don't know what a p-touch is- I'm so happy to be the one to tell you! All office store sells these amazing little label machines. You can label anything and everything. And example is in the photo ( a little blurry) of how I labeled the notecards. These labelers come in very handy and range in price from $20- over $100. I've found that some are very tricked out with various fonts and sizes, but you really only need the basic one for everyday labeling. Good Luck!


Shari Goodman said...

Thanks Molly! You are the master organizer. Thanks so much for blogging for me and I hope you make it a regular appearance! I love baskets too, they are definitely the way to make junk look pretty.

Laurie said...

Great ideas...now can Molly blog about getting rid of that pile on the counter?! Cause I NEED that post!

Megan said...

I need to do this for sure!!!

beth said...

Molly, help! My mother in law is moving here on Easter and I must get more organized! I will try the basket thing in my closets a little more. Any other great tips you & Sherri can share? Or you could come over and show me what to do!!