Sunday, January 30, 2011


     Another one down. Miss 1180. This time I had a husband next to me and several family members. It was a different race than last year for me although the same venue. Last year I was running for myself. I was there to prove that I could do it. This year, I knew I could do it. This year I was running for the cause. This was a run for a cure for cancer. I thought about some very dear people as I ran.

     I ran for my friend who was burying her daughter that very day. I was running for little Abigail who is in the hospital fighting for her life. I was running for my husbands co-worker who died the day before. I was there running with cousins who's father died in 2009 from brain cancer. I was running for little London, whom the race is named after; a family friend's daughter who died from leukemia. Cancer plagued them all. 

     I thought about them all as I ran and what they all had to go through. I thought about the families who struggled along with them. I thought about how our world is so contaminated and how so many aren't doing anything about it. But, I was running with lots of people who were doing something about it and I get to blog to many moms who are fighting their own wars against it. The run was for Hope. I Hope that we can stop cancer. I Hope we can find a way to make our world a little cleaner and that we can take control of our little worlds, our homes. 

     I am glad I did it. I can still walk today although the stairs are a bit challenging. I still don't like running and will never call myself a runner but I did something. I got out there. One more down. 


Becky said...

Go Shari! You are very inspiring and we are all fortunate to have you fighting the fight against all the contaminants in our world.

S and B H. said...

Way to go!!! Hey the comments worked today in Firefox :)

Fueled by Love said...

Ok- so I just started following your blog even though I can't get it to let me follow officially. I am a 30 year old stay at home mom. I am currently being treated for stage 2 aggressive breast cancer. I have always been into natural health but I am getting way more serious about it now. I really want to start running too, I exercise, but not regularly enough and not intensely enough. I also live in upstate NY, so winter gets in the way! This post brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for your blog, it is an amazing wealth of information that is helping on my wellness journey!

Shari Goodman said...

Way to go Fueled by Love! Glad you caught your cancer early. Make sure you are pumping your body with lots of D3, C, B12 and curcumin. I was just let to the Gerson Therapy and watched the Beautiful Truth about cancer healing. Super inspiring! Food can heal. Keep it up! You can friend me on facebook and get my daily updates.

Fueled by Love said...

Thanks! It has been quite a journey but I am always trying to find the bright side. If it weren't for this trial I may have never gotten as serious about wellness and exercise as I am now (for myself and my family!) and it is building my faith muscles :-) Looking forward to following!