Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not your grandma's chicken

I have had a gaggle of emails in the last couple days about the big chicken deal coming to the valley. You get the chicken for about $1.49 per pound. Great deal. Well, great deal if you want fatty,non organic, garbage meat. Sure, it may be a tid bit better than the grocery store cheap varieties but not by much.

A little chicken education: First off, you don't want corn fed. They advertise this like it is some great thing to "corn feed" the meat you buy. However, the reason they feed animals corn is to fatten them up. By doing this, chicken meat ends up being about as fatty as a burger. Also, corn is one of the most genetically modified crop and who knows what that does to your body. You don't want that in your meat. It creates disease in animals as it is not processed well by their body.

Second, you want your chicken free range. Why? Well, they need exercise and they need sun. In days of yor, your grandma's age, chicken's were outside. They had loads of omega's since they ate grass and had sun. Now, they are in pens, indoors, grain fed and no walking space. They are basically void of nutrients, not to mention diseased. 

Now, you still want that chicken for $1.49? That is a pretty steep price for garbage in my opinion. 

Want to learn a little more?  Take a minute to watch a quick little chicken video. 

Be educated. It will save your life.


Kara said...

I had gotten that email from several people. Sorry, to say that high quality and natural are not the buzz words I look for in a good chicken either. Then I got an email from a super wise gal to email the company to encourage free range meat. I am glad she thought of that and that she took the time to email others about her grand idea. An even better inquiry, would be for "pastured", since free range could mean that they have little more than a small dirt yard. Thanks for setting us straight, once again!

Allison said...

It is so easy to buy that crap chicken. But it doesn't taste great I don't think. Rather than eat a lot of chicken we have decided to try a more vegetarian diet (you have something to do with that, thank you). We only eat meat, either fish or turkey or chicken (grass fed, free range) once a week. Twice if we want to splurge. And the thing I have found is that by doing this we eat more fruits and veggies and also our meat budget is drastically lower. So that makes it much easier to buy the more expensive HEALTHY chicken.

kami said...

I got this email from a bunch of friends as well and was like hmm. I'll be passing on that! Ever since seeing Food, Inc. I cannot bring myself to purchase regular meat (and can almost hardly eat it when we eat out, which is almost never). We're mostly vegetarian now, except for maybe a few times a month when I cook meat. I love eating this way though and could never go back!

*Ps, the link you added of mine on the side bar is broken. There might just be a typo in the address (it is Thanks!