Thursday, January 13, 2011

Healthified Cinnamon Rolls and Fresh Finds on bread.

I just ate two of these, hot from the oven. Sorry I didn't save you any. I didn't even feel that guilty for eating them since I made them in the best healthy style I knew how. Sure, it is still an indulgence since healthy doesn't mean calorie free but we are not talking Cinnabon calories here. This is the real deal cinnamon roll sans the frosting. 

I used my favorite bread recipe with sprouted kamut flour. Find the recipe here. I also made 3 loaves out of the dough in addition to a jelly roll pan of cinnamon rolls.

For the filling, I used coconut sugar and Saigon Cinnamon along with softened butter. It worked perfectly. I wasn't sure how the melt temperature of the coconut sugar would work but it worked great. It was a little crisper than brown sugar but I think that made it all the better. I didn't use very much so the kids thought I could add a little more next time but I don't like the over sweet. Did I tell you how much I love coconut sugar? Just wish it didn't cost so darn much. Watch for February, I think I will be doing a group order to get coconut sugar in a bulk price. Can't wait.

Now for the Fresh Find of the day, thanks to Annabeth, a fellow EH: Many of you know this little deal but just in case.... Alpine Valley Bread Co. on Southern and west of Country Club has bread for $.50 per loaf and some for $1. They have different loaves, rolls, focaccia, etc. and sometimes even organic loaves.  They usually have a sell by date for the next day but you freeze them and they do great. Who can't beat $.50 per loaf? Too bad they just can't go and sprout those grains for me too but these are great loaves with great ingredients. It is best to get there pretty early if you want to stock up. They open at 8:00. 

Thanks, Annabeth!


Kristy Treible said...

Thanks for sharing. Is Spelt GFCF?

Shari Goodman said...

I wish it was GF. Sorry.

Linda said...

They used to only sell the .50 loaves on Fridays, but now it is M-F. They have some loaves for .50, some for $1.

Your cinnamon rolls look delicious!!!

Shari Goodman said...

Just went there today and they told me the same thing. They said more people come on Friday so it is best to go other days. Thanks for the comment!