Sunday, January 9, 2011

Living without a Microwave...The follow up.

It was right before Thanksgiving when I had the little talk with my children. I told them that we were no longer, at all, going to use the microwave. Even though it wasn't used to cook at all, it was used to melt butter, reheat and boil water. They looked at me with puzzlement and wonder as to how in the world they would be able to reheat a slice of pizza again. Well, somehow, we have all survived. In fact, I don't think they even notice the microwave anymore. The only thing we use it for is for the timer. I thought I would report to you our "no microwave" follow up, just in case you too wonder how you would survive. 

You definitely need to make best friends with a good convection toaster oven and I love mine to pieces. It amazes me that it only takes a very tiny bit longer than a microwave to defrost a waffle. is crispy! Water boils just about as fast on the stove as it does in the microwave. Veggies get steamed in just a couple minutes longer than in the microwave. Butter can stay perfectly soft and spreadable if you get one of these:

Just leave it on the counter in the cute little croc. It has a bit of water in the bottom so when you turn it over, the water creates a bacteria shield. Awesome idea. Spreadable butter without falling for that butter spread trap. Love it. Want one, check out the link to the right.

 I really am surprised that not using a microwave at all hasn't really affected us. I knew it would be no biggie for me but the kids didn't have an adjustment period at all. They can work the toaster oven like they invented it.

I love the fact that we are radiation free in my kitchen. I love that my foods get to keep the nutrients they came in. I am sad to think that people live on processed, pesticide and chemical filled foods that are then nuked until they are totally toxic. Why is it such a shock that we are all so sick? It only takes a few adjustments in our life to change that.

Kill the microwave. Save yourself. It is self defense.


Aspiring Earth Mama said...

Was so excited to see a follow up post! Yay for microwave free living! I too was shocked at how little the time difference was when it came to heating things up. I use my stove top 99% of the time though. Only use the oven for nachos really. Wish I would have gotten rid of it years ago!

kami said...

We've ditched our microwave too. We are loving the toaster oven...and, I just got a butter crock from my in-laws for Christmas! I highly recommend it. Another great way that I just discovered to soften butter - if it is frozen or straight from the refrigerator and you need it softened for a recipe, put it in a plastic bag (sealed well) and place inside of a quart jar filled with warm/hot water. It will be softened perfectly in no time! Before I was trying to use the toaster oven but it took a really long time. Also, heating soup up on the stove is way quicker than the microwave or toaster oven! It's amazing how resourceful you get when you take away your "gadgets" like the microwave.

I started a natural living blog, if you'd like to check it out!

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Nichole said...

Love the butter bell crock. I have been looking for something like that! I am totally getting one of those. How often do you wash your crock out?

lkersh said...

Thank you thank you thank you for this blog. I emailed u last week about the kefir and now (since we are snowed in) i am catching up on your blog. We have been microwave free for almost a year. not by died and i never got it fixed. I knew it wasnt good for us but I have learned so much for just your blog. I have been slowly but surely trying to do better for may family with foods and such and cam so glad i found your blog!

Shari Goodman said...

You dump out the water and put in new water every 3 days and each time when the butter is gone, I rinse and wipe it out. That is all.

Shari Goodman said...


Love your blog! Added it to my sidebar

kami said...

Thanks Shari!

Webb Family said...

Our microwave broke & it has been over a year ago. We have not even missed it & it feels great!