Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fresh Finds......

I am working on my great big Costco list for you but here are a few great deals for this week. Sprouts begins tomorrow and remember that if you go on Wednesday, you get last week deals as well!


                Organic, grass-fed ground beef $3.97 lb! Stock up!!!          
                5lb bag of organic russet potatoes, 2 for $5
                1 lb  bag of organic kiwi, $1.99
                3 lb bag of organic yellow onions, $1.99


               5 lb bag of organic fuji apples: $3 ($.60 per lb!)                     
               ***$3 off coupon in today's mailer as well

               Other things I love at Fresh and Easy is the organic
               heavy cream, organic applesauce, Naan bread, 
               and the natural, organic peanut butter...to name a 


Shea said...

Oooh... I'm going to get me some apples!! Thanks for posting!

At Home in the Suburbs said...

Good morning,
I find your writing and attitude inspiring and uplifting. Thank you. Regarding Fresh and Easy, is this a brand sold at Costco or a section of the store? I am a Costco enthusiast and look forward to your list. I, as well, am pleased with the range of organic items they carry.