Monday, January 10, 2011

Fresh Finds...

Without any inspiration on what to call my deal finder section on my blog, I am simply naming it my "Fresh Finds". So, if you see that as the post header, you can bet you are going to find some sweet deals.

I get lots of emails from women who say that they can't afford to feed their family healthy. Well, I am going to help you with that. I even have been hitting the Walmart to check out fresh deals for you. I am even now on Facebook so you can get my updates that way as well. If you want to be my friend, I will be happy to oblige.

Today's Fresh Deals from Walmart:

Organic Sour Cream, Shamrock: $2:12 ( non organic is $1.98, not a big difference for better health!)

1 lb bag of organic carrots, $.99 

1 lb box of organic, on the vine, local, pesticide free tomatoes: $1. Cheaper than the pesticide containing tomatoes.

None of these are a special sale. Walmart is getting more and more organic items. They even had organic apples as well. Even if you don't see a sign that says organic, check the packages. If you see the produce sticker that shows the item number, anything that starts with a "9" is organic. If it says pesticide free, it is also organic. It just means that the company doesn't want to go through all the red tape to become organic certified. 

Eating healthy doesn't have to require you to take out a second mortgage. You just have to find the deals, eat what is in season and plan your meals around them both. 

Always email me if you find deals so we can pass it along. 


Linda said...

I just bought Coleman Organic Chicken Breasts at Costco last week... only $5.99 a pound.

Katie Zaharis said...

Yay, I'm hitting Walmart this morning. Perfect timing. I'll give some organic a try. (Yes I'm one of those who believe it is too expensive.) Thanks for the push!

Shea said...

There are also a LOT of good deals at Costco, which is a place that people shop frequently. Might be helpful to others if you highlighted some of them as you did Wal-Mart. I just bought:

Organic frozen green beans and peas (they also had corn) in a large bag, a little over $1/lb.

Organic short grain brown rice: Little over $1/lb.

Pure maple syrup:
32 oz. for about $12 (cheaper than I've seen it anywhere)

1 lb containers of organic baby spring greens or baby spinach:
About $3.50/lb. (Cheapest I've seen it anywhere else is $4.99) This is a LOT of greens!

Organic fresh carrots:
5 lb bag, .50/lb!

Organic whole chickens (two in a pack):
About $2.50/lb. The carcass can be used afterward to make an awesome bone broth!

I know there were more deals, but these are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head.

Shea said...

Forgot to tell you that I love your blog! Thanks for your hard work on it!

Shari Goodman said...

Thanks, Shea!

I buy all of those things from Costco. I will have to do a post just about Costco finds. I hadn't seen the whole chickens! I will be picking some of those up for sure!

kami said...

I haven't seen the whole chickens at Costco either. I'll have to check those out! Although, that seems like the same price as the chickens I usually buy at Trader Joe's. It'll save me a trip though ;)