Friday, January 21, 2011

Kefir Pop

     I have to admit I am a bit addicted to my Kefir pop. I am limiting myself a bit but I love to try out new flavors as I am still fairly new to the game. I think I am getting it now. Practice makes perfect.

    Here are some of my favorite brews so far:

    Orange Creme Soda

    After the first ferment with grains, I strain the grains then add in one orange, washed and sliced; peel still on. I then add a little vanilla.
Set back out on counter with a loose lid for another 24 hours or as desired.

     Cranberry Lemonade

     Again, after the 1st ferment, add fresh cranberries in blender along with the juice of one or two lemons. Add some additional raw sugar as desired. Puree until smooth and add to the strained kefir. Stir in. Sample taste for sweetness and allow to ferment another 24 hours or as desired. It will loose sweetness as it ferments

                              Ginger Brew

     Add in a little fresh ginger and a little vanilla to the second ferment. Let sit out until desired.

  Strawberry Lemonade

     Pretty much the same as with the cranberry but with strawberries. I usually add about 8 frozen or fresh strawberries and juice of two regular lemons. I add a little more water if too strong but not too much. I usually don't need extra sweetener with the strawberry.

 Grape (not shown) 

     Just add organic, pure grape juice to the second ferment. My favorite flavor of all but expensive!

I have done fresh squeezed orange juice and it wasn't too great. I did like the fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

With kefir, it is an individual thing. You have to play around with it and figure out how you like it to taste. I like mine fizzy, like soda and a little tart. I find that using my half gallon jars, 24 hours is plenty of time for my first ferment then after I strain it and add juice, usually 24 hours again for the second ferment is enough. I know it is done by how fizzy it is. It will also get a little fizzier after you cap it and put it in the fridge. I find that about a ratio of 6-7 cups kefir and about 1-2 cups juice works great. I like to use the plastic mason jar lids you can find at stores like walmart. I just set them on top, not screw them on until they go in the fridge. They hold the fizz fine in the fridge. I haven't needed to buy the cork tops. 

I find I can add these to smoothies or I can also just use the plain kefir before I flavor and fizz it up. Once you start, it really is easy as pie. It is just getting in the rhythm of things. I am glad to be getting extra probiotics in around here. They are the keys to the universe. Maybe I will call this my universe juice? 

Can't find the half gallon jars or lids? Get them here:


April said...

Interesting recipes. I'll have to try some of those. I've done most juice flavors (grape is my favorite too) as well as a ginger ale. When I do the second ferment with the juice, I put it in glass lemonade bottles that have the flip-top. It gets really fizzy like soda and then I put it in the fridge.

Britt said...

Sounds interesting... when I have a little more time on my hands I will try it! I have grape juice that I made this past fall with our "neighbor"/visiting teaching companion-- she lives a few fields over, just about 2 miles away, and let me pick grapes from her vineyard-- they have several acres of concords and niagras that they sell to Welch's.
If you ever get adventurous and want a trip up to farm land, we'd love to have you! We are surrounded by an asparagus farm and can see corn, grapes, and mint fields from our windows. Harvest season is amazing.
We hope to be down there in April for Spring Break. Hope you're doing well-- tell your cute family hi for us!