Monday, May 12, 2008

Chef Brad and Getting Back to the Basics.....

I have to say that my love for grains and pressure cookers began several years ago with some cooking classes I took from the local celebrity Chef, Chef Brad. Most of you who have lived here in the valley for any length of time probably have heard this name and many of you may have even taken a class or two. For those of you who have not, let me introduce you to one of my super grain hero's.
Chef Brad's mission statement is to "inspire people to get back into the kitchen and enjoy creating fond food memories." He does this in a way to inspire us that food can be healthy and taste great at the same time. He definitely was an inspiration to me and was the first person who introduced the word "Quinoa"to me. He makes you understand that there is so much more to cooking than the basic wheat flour you can buy at the store. He takes you back to the basic and natural grains of the earth and teaches you the history and nutritional facts behind them.

Right now, Chef Brad specializes in teaching specialty classes to get you back into the kitchen and to learn what in the world to do with all of those grains. I personally took bread classes from him and learned the art of getting a good loaf. His classes are like no other out there. Visit his web page and you can see the classes he is currently offering. He offers a cooking school which is at his site or you can host classes at your home with a group of friends in a series or as a single class. As a host, you will leave with a great new toy! All attendees will also have learned about 25 grains! The classes are on Sneak nutrition and Fantastic Breakfasts, Bread and Pizza and Salads and Pressure cooking.

His website also has his cookbooks which are where I really started with my grain experimentation. For those of you wondering what to do with your pressure cookers, he has a book for that too. The site contains recipes, explanations of grains and tips and informational articles too.

Check out his web site here, or click on his link to the right!

Thanks Chef Brad for teaching me so much and how much fun it is to say "Quinoa"!

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