Friday, May 2, 2008

Safe Food Friday

Just a few new items for you today while it is still Friday!

At Costco I found a raw milk chipotle cheddar cheese. It is delicious and pretty good price for a raw cheese. I am sad that not all Costco's carry the same things. I get emailed great finds from you and then I don't see them at my Costco. Same goes for Walmart. I found the Nature's Path at the Walmart on Greenfield and Baseline but they do not carry them at the Walmart on Power and Ray. I asked them if they would order them and they very impolitely in true Walmart fashion told me "No", that people don't want it if they don't have it. Whatever!

As for Fresh N Easy, They do carry a whipping cream that is cream only. Hurray. You have to whip it yourselves but it only takes a couple minutes. They also have lots of different dressings and sauces that are good. Great prices too. They have organic juice boxes for a pretty good price. I love to pop in that store in the afternoon to find what good deals I can get. I love their Naan bread for panninii's. It is white flour but is a great indulgence with a little pesto, spinach , chicken and cheese. Yum!

As for other cooking info, A fellow E.H., Cindy Thomas has been experimenting with my booklet of recipes by cutting the sugar in half or at least a third and says that it tastes great. I have tried a few recipes this way and honestly can't really taste a big difference. I will keep trying different ones out.Thanks Cindy for the inspiration! We can always do better!

Tomorrow I will blog another good breakfast recipe to try out. Always whole grain, always delicious! Have a good Friday. Hope you all get a well deserved date! Happy Birthday Laurie Lee!

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Tracey said...

I've also been trying your recipes from your booklet. With some of the recipes I've changed the sugar to honey and decreased the amount. My family has loved all the recipes from your booklet. Thanks.