Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just doing my part to save the world.

I can't say that I am a true Greenpeace type, but I am becoming more aware that there needs to be a little change in the world or we will have a problem. I am more aware that I am one of the problems if I don't start to help out. Two things that I want to change: bringing my own canvas bags to produce type stores and composting . Well, I can now cross one thing off my list...I am now an official composter. I have wanted to do this for some time but was worried that my yard would stink. I was reading my neighbors blog, which I would recommend to you all (read it here) and she was talking about composting. She wrote that it does not stink and that the city of Gilbert would even drop off a compost bin for free. What excuse did I have now? I got on the phone immediately and requested my free bin. (503-6400 FYI) It came within the week with full instructions. My husband set it up and I am official. If you don't live in Gilbert, you can buy one for cheap or even use a big plastic garbage can with a lid and holes cut into it. Google for instructions. I keep a rubber made shoe box type container with the lid under my sink. I dump my produce scraps, bread, noodles and rice into it and when it is full, my 5 year old takes it out to "feed the pigs". We don't have pets so we have to pretend. The other day he finally had enough of our little pretend game and told me "seriously, mom, there is only flies in there, no pigs." I told him that he could name all 100,000 of them if he wanted. He decided that he would just keep pretending that we had pigs to feed our slop to. I can't wait until I have good compost soil to put into my garden. It doesn't smell. It is easy and I feel much better about doing my part. Now it is time for the canvas bags. It's just another thing I am doing to save the world. How bout you? Did you do anything to save the world today?


briansarahannah said...

I decided awhile ago that everytime I go to Sprouts and my bill is under a certain amount, I will buy a bag. So far I have two. We do re-use our plastic bags, though, for diapers and dog poop. That's kind of like recycling, isn't it?

Dale & Christina said...

Hi Shari, I picked up my wheat. thanks for the hook up. I have a new blog at, but I think yours is way more interesting to read. I love all of your info and recipes. the sisters cafe stuff is excellent too! Thanks for all you do

Angela said...

City of Mesa has a composting progam. Not sure about all the details, but you can get a bin for a $5.00 deposit. I would need to start the garden first then the composting :)